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July 16th – Spitzkoppe, Namibia

Spitzkoppe is a rather large mountain in Namibia but not the tallest. Our first stop was the supermarket for an hour.  I decided to head to the internet shop to get my last licks in sending emails and checking up on things.  I saw a friend that we all had met the night before at the hostel called Dunes backpackers and said our goodbyes again, after I added her on facebook.  After the internet shop it was time to get back on the bus.  Before I did so I ran around looking for the shop where I could get a local Namibian SIM card for my cell phone.  After trying a few places and getting directions, I eventually found the shop.  I got a decent SIM card but got ripped off for the third time of my trip.  The guy told me it would be really cheap to call a cell phone back in America.  As it turned out the amount would be 12 times what he told me it would be.  I found this out on the bus after I called mom to say hi and saw that my balance shrunk worse than swimming in a cold pool in the summer.


Spitzkoppe was not that far away and when we got there we sent up our tents, relaxed for a bit and then went on a few hour desert hike around the area.  The highlights were seeing 4000 year old bushman paintings and poisonous snakes and cactus that the bushman used to put on their arrows.  After the desert hike, I chilled out and a bunch of us ending up sleeping outside under the stars.  It was really nice, but since the moon was almost a full moon a lot of the stars were hidden by the all powerful moon.  This was also the first night where we had no facilities but the bush.  There were no showers and longdrop toliets.  This was also the first night I didn’t have alcohol the whole day, what an accomplishment!  I didn’t stay up that late and wanted to get two decent night’s sleep in a row to fully recharge the batteries.


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