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July 10th, 2008 – Cederberg Mountains to Near border between SA and Namibia

I got officially was up at 4am but got out of the tent around 545am to get some food and wake up.  I gathered up my limited belongings and headed inside. Because everyone was showering and stuff I was relegated to urinate outside, which I had plenty of practice doing in India.  We are in the bush and I’m sure it won’t be the last time this happens.  After about 30 minutes it was time to take down the tent.  It was a struggle getting Rob out of the tent as he had drank quite a bit the night before, but eventually Jelle and I got him out.  Jelle is a 23 year old Dutchman, from Holland, studying in Utrecht.  Anyway we kept kicking a soccer ball at my tent to get Rob out.


Mike showed us how to pack up the tent, but I when I was taking out the poles to keep the raincover down, I wasn’t thinking and just pulled them out, then pulled the raincover off leaving the poles to not be found.  I had already lost something even after Jabu told us that whatever we lose comes out of his salary.  I actually think that is a tactic to make us feel guilty, to take care of the things, and not lose them.  But if it is really the case then I will be compensating him for the 40 centimeter, 90 degree angle poles.  Oh one more thing, last night we had like an hour or more orientation meeting where Jabu explained the whole trip to us, and everyone gave a brief introduction.


Anyway so after breakfast, and packing up the trunk it was time to start our 600 kilometer journey , well maybe 500 kilometers to our next stop.  The ride was long and we stopped at several shops along the way.  When we arrived at the camp site we set up our tent and headed straight to the bar.  The campsite was located on the orange river, and I snapped a few photos of the sunset and then went to the bar.  Tonight was a really fun night.  We took a lot of shots as a group, had drinks and got to know one another.  The bar was outside, and it was a little cold but not that bad.  Again Rob snored real loud and I think many other people in other tents heard him.



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