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Josh’s European Adventure: Day 9 – Amsterdam, The Nederlands

Today was my first full day in Amsterdam and when everyone I was meeting for this Nomad Tour Reunion was supposed to come.  After seeing Hannah and Alex who came real early, we all walked to Amsterdam Central to surprise Frank, Juliane and Stefan, which we did and it was nice to see them.

At around 1PM all who was here began a free walking tour of Amsterdam which started from the WWII Memorial Statute in the center of the Dam Square.  At first I was reluctant to go since it was cold and I had seen a lot of Amsterdam, but even after 3 hours of walking in sandals in the cold (but was wearing a heavy hat and jacket), I thought the tour was great and showed my appreciation by tipping the guide 5 euros.  Most of us seemed to tip him which I’m sure is always really appreciated.

From the walking tour a few of us went to a bagel and beans shop for some food and drink.  I wasn’t particularly hungry or thirsty so I sat and enjoyed the company while everyone ate.  After eating we all made our way back to the hostel finally to shower up and get ready for a big night out.  After I finally got to shower (I really needed one and think I was developing some sort of rash on my backside and every time I took a step in my jeans I felt it rub together and it burned, ouch), we all met for some drinks before it was time to go to the restaurant.  From the hostel bar we walked to the restaurant which was booked by Linda and was a surprise as to what kind of food it would be.  At this point we were rolling 13 deep (we were a group of 13 people), and it was a Thai restaurant.  Hmmmm I love Thai food.  After some finagling with management we eventually got them to make one long table.  The food was very good and came out relatively quick and wasn’t too expensive considering all we ate and some drank (not me was saving myself for later on).

Once dinner was finished Ellen, who was currently living in Amsterdam took us to a few bars and after we all sang Happy Birthday to Harriet at midnight, we went back to the hostel for a night cap.  We ended up going to our rooms around 2AM, and while I wasn’t tired I ended up falling asleep pretty fast, which was nice considering I hadn’t slept much the past few nights.


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