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Josh’s European Adventure: Day 17 – Prague, Czech Republic

Today we woke up and then David asked if we would like breakfast and lunch at the same time.  This meant that after his mom made us a huge breakfast a half hour later we had a huge lunch which included a beef soup, knudle made out of potato, and meat.  Linda and I were stuffed but David’s mother kept feeding us food like a Jewish mother or grandmother would.  At around 3PM Karolina took us to the famous Republika exhibit at the National Museum.  By the time we got there it was 415PM and we only had about 45 minutes to see the exhibit.  This exhibit featured the evolution of the Czech Republic.  I found it interesting.  After this museum Karolina took us to this special café which trains and employees individuals with special needs.  At this café I ordered a local Czech drink called Medovina aka Mead aka Honey wine.  It is alcohol made from honey and it was quite good but really, really sweet.  Afterwards Karolina took us to another Castle which had a really cool tower built in the 12th century.  Karolina liked it, especially at night and even though it was freezing out, we walked all around it and saw the sights.  So far Linda and I had only seen Prague at night.  Don’t get me wrong it is a really nice city, definitely one of my favorites in Europe so far, but I would have liked to see a little more during the day.  I also think it has made for a great visit so far because we are getting the real local experience, which as everyone knows (including Cousin Leonard) that is what I urn to have, the real local experience.

After Linda, Karolina and I froze walking around the castle, we walked and met up with David.  David wanted to take us to this special brewery that made local Czech beer but when we got there it was reservation only until at least 10PM.  We then walked to this wine bar and got a bottle of Czech wine.  Not terribly expensive and was not bad.  It was a white wine, and the more I drink it the more I am starting to like wine, especially white wine.  I also enjoy red wine but that usually puts me right to sleep.

David then wanted to take us to his student bar called the Dead Fish.  It was a really long walk to get there even though he said it would only take about 15 minutes, it took a lot longer.  Unfortunately when we arrived unbeknownst to David the bar was closed.  David and Karolina both said it was highly unusual for the bar to be closed especially on a Saturday night.  Nonetheless we got to see another part of the city and the university where David goes to school.  David is 20 and studies Environmental Studies.

From the Dead Fish we went right around the corner to this tea house.  Apparently tea houses are very popular in Prague, personally I had never really been to one, and it was very strange.  Before going in we had to ring this strange bell several times before someone came to the door and opened it.  At first we thought it was closed but after we peered through the window and saw that people were in the place we became persistent and refused to leave until we were let in.

Once in our shoes had to come off and we were led into a room with other tables and very comfortable chairs, dim lighting and soft music.  A relaxing place to say the least and one with hundreds of types of tea from all over the world.  I ordered a type of African tea called Rooibos.  Rooibos means red bush in Afrikans so it is not technically tea because it is not made from tea leaves but is made from a bush.  Anyway the tea was quite good and Linda and I each swapped a few cups from each others tea.  She got a type of Indian Chai which is probably my favorite type of tea.  Normally made with a ton of spices including masala and is made with milk.  Hmmm it was so good.

We ended up spending a few hours relaxing at the tea house.  This was definitely a different kind of experience and one which I will not forget.  From the tea house we walked back to a metro and hopped on a train back home.  From the station David drove us back to his house.  I was relieved that we didn’t have to walk back home again in the freezing cold.  Again I was quite tired as our days are fairly long, we walk a lot, eat a lot and it is freezing out.

When we got back David’s mother offered us some tea with rum in it and some food.  She said the rum would warm us up, but after I insisted I wasn’t cold and wasn’t hungry and I passed the test in which she touched my hands and nose she let me go up to sleep.


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