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Josh’s European Adventure: Day 11 – Amsterdam, The Nederlands

Today I woke up and did not feel like doing anything.  So I didn’t.  I ended up going with Linda, Sarah and Liz to the Cinema so they could buy ticket to a movie.  I wanted to see a movie because everyone knows from reading my blogs that I love to go to the movies while traveling.  But today I was meeting up with an old friend Jannie.  I met Jannie when I was studying in Melbourne back in 2004, and had not seen her since.  A few weeks ago I got in contact with her and told her of my plans to come to Amsterdam.  She said that she would be around and able to meet me.  So I got her mobile number and gave her a rang when I arrived in Amsterdam.  We decided to meet today.  Originally she was supposed to come a lot earlier in the day, but she ended up coming at around 430PM, and so because of that I couldn’t go with my friends to the movies.  I was disappointed and bored.  Finally I got a call from Jannie who said she was coming from the carpark by tram to Central Station, so in the rain I walked to Central Station and found Jannie.  It was great to see her again.  I brought her back to the hostel and we chatted for the next few hours.  We then went out again in the rain to get some frites (French fries) for her and then went back to the hostel.

At around 7PM the rest of the group came down for pre-dinner drinks and I introduced her the group. Since she is from The Netherlands she was able to speak in Dutch to a few members of the gang and the rest in English.  Her English is really good for someone who did not learn it as a native speaker.

745PM rolled around it was time to head to the Mexican restaurant Ellen picked out for dinner.  I said my goodbyes to Jannie and then Ellen led us to the restaurant.  About 2/3’s of the way there, as we were at an ATM someone said “where is Carolina?”  Then quickly we realized that we had left her at the hostel!  Linda had remembered that Carolina had told her to tell the group to wait a minute as she went to drop off her sweater.  Linda felt horrible about that and so Liz and her went all the way back to the hostel to try and find Carolina.  I bet Liz was cursing in French the whole way back like she tends to do.

At dinner I finally had some sort of appetite as I hadn’t the past few days.  I ordered lamb chops and lamb fillets.  It was really good and came with a bunch of great side dishes.  After dinner I was really tired.  The past few days of going out and walking around all day was really catching up with me, but I tried to stick it out and walk with the group to the bar that Ellen took us too.  This time it was in a different area and kind of in the right direction towards the hostel.  The chairs on the top floor of the bar were really comfortable and basically put me to sleep.  Highlight of the night was at the end when Liz in her amazing French accent said “Ok let’s go, this one is sleeping, this one is sleeping, this one is weird, so time to go.”  It was hilarious but true, I was sleeping and so were others.  So we made our way back to the hostel, which took at least 15 minutes and after watching the Vikings Eagles game at the bar, I had to go to sleep.  Others stayed for a few drinks, but for me it was time to sleep.


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