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Josh and Jenny’s European Adventure 2009 – Day 13 Naters to Sugiez, Switzerland

Since we had to wake up at like 845AM, my body did not let me sleep well at all for fear that we would all wake up at 12PM or later.  I ended up solidly sleeping until 630AM and then would wake up every five minutes it seemed until 845AM when I proceeded to wake up the girls.  This reminded me of the time I was in Seoul and had gone out with my two local friends, got home very late and needed to be up at 630AM.  That time too I was constantly waking up, making sure I hadn’t overslept.

After eating some breakfast we got into the car to head back to Sugiez.  Before we did so we picked up Yanick who would be joining us for the day.  The ride home was quite pleasant until we hit Montreux.  Once we hit this city along the lake the traffic was almost at a standstill.  Apparently construction had forced one of the lanes in the upcoming tunnel to be closed which led to this horrendous traffic.  Since we had to be back by 12PM, time was of the essence and at this point Linda was starting to get nervous that she wouldn’t be back in time to drop the car off for her mother.  This led to some serious road rage.

Before we could make it home we needed fuel.  Linda had gone way too far on empty and we were all starting to get rather nervous.  I thought for sure we were going to run out of gas as there was not a petrol station in sight.  Finally we came to one, filled up the tank and continued on our way to Sugiez.  All in all we ended up getting back to Linda’s home by 1215PM and her mother was not upset, which was a relief to us all.

Once back at home Linda cooked the five of us lunch (her brother Danny had just gotten home, good timing).  We had curry chicken with tomato sauce and a tomato risotto.  It was a delightful lunch and hit the spot.  Linda had decided she wanted to take us to some places around Le Vully since I had never really explored the area.  I had only been here for one or two nights when it was snowing.  Now the weather was warm, the grass was green and the flowers were in bloom.

Our first top was to the top of Mont Vully.  From there you could see all of the lakes that surround Sugiez and the Le Vully region.  We snapped a few photos and then got back into the cars. I was riding with Danny, Linda’s sister in his black PT Cruiser convertible.  With the weather being so nice it was fun to scoot around the area in such a car.  From the top of Mont Vully, we then went to a very interesting place.  Here the military created caves with installations used in preparation of a possible attack during WWI.  The caves were man-made but built into the side of a mountain.  This is now fully open to the public and for a while the five of us walked through these caves.  It was nice inside because of how cool the temperature was, it was a relief from the increasingly hot temperatures we were experiencing outside.
From this former military installation, we all drove along the lake until we got to this beach house type thing, it was closed so we decided to go to another part of the lake that Linda enjoys going too.  At this place we all grabbed some cooling drinks and sat in front of the very nice lake.  Then it was off to the supermarket.  Linda had arranged for some of her friends in Sugiez to come to a place along the lake about 2 minutes drive from her house.  In preparation of this BBQ the five of us had to pick up food for us to eat.

We ended up getting pretty much a smorgasbord of food.  Chicken, steak, sausages (beef and chicken) and several other things to eat.
After the supermarket it was time to say goodbye to Yanick.  He was off to take the train back to Naters.  Then it was off to the liquor store to get some charcoal for the grill, drinks and chocolate for me to take home for friends and family.  Like usual the chocolate here is very cheap, but very good.  It is all the brands back home but at rock bottom prices.  Switzerland loves their chocolate and actually consumes more than any other country relative to its population.  I bet the same can be said about their intake of cheese as well!
From there we went back to Linda’s to change for the BBQ and then it was off to the lake.  Danny and I started to gather some wood for the fire.  The others began preparing the food and setting up the table.  We would need quite a lot of wood since we were going to be here for a while.  It was tough to find quality wood that was dry and not so green.  We also needed to find sticks for our marshmallows.  After dinner Danny and I were planning to make smores for the gang.  Nothing is better than smores at a quality BBQ.  After finding sticks I took out my Swiss Army Knife and began shaping the sticks to be able to handle the marshmallows.
After gathering wood from down the road Danny and I began to create a nice fire.  The fire would burn basically the whole night and at times was very strong.  It cooked the meat well for us as well as everyone else who came.  In the end there at least 10-12 of us in total.  I got a chance to meet some of Linda’s friends (well I actually met all of them but some of them spoke more English than others).  It was a great night had by all.


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