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Europe Here I Come!

Well I waited several months to make the official post, but in August I booked my next trip.  This time I am going to be spending my winter break in Europe.  I will be staying with Harriet my good friend from London that I met in Africa.  I am leaving December 25th from Newark and flying in to London’s Heathrow Airport early in the morning.  Then on New Year’s Day, January 1st, 2009 Harriet and I will be flying to Amsterdam.  From Jan 1 to Jan 5 I will be staying in Amsterdam.  This will be my third time to London and Amsterdam tying Hong Kong for the most times I’ve been to one foreign city.  In Amsterdam I will be meeting up with lots of people from my Nomad Tours Africa trip!  I am very excited to see all of them.  On Jan 5 Sarah, Linda and I will be flying to Switzerland and spending some time in Switzerland.  Then we will be taking a train to prague, then taking a train or bus to Berlin.  In Berlin I might be seeing my sister Jenny who will have just left for her study abroad program to Barcelona and might come visit!  All in all I will be leaving Friday January 16th, 2009, giving myself two full days to recover before school starts on January 20th.

As usual I will be documenting my trip on my blog and this time I promise to finish the whole trip (sorry cousin Leonard I know how disappointed you were with my lack of updating at the end of my Africa trip).  I hope you enjoy reading about my trip to Europe as much I as I enjoy writing it for you all!


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