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Mont Tremblant, Quebec – Photos


I can’t think of a more touristy place in the whole province than Mont Tremblant village. There’s pros and cons to the place. Almost anything you could want is in this Swiss-style modeled village; restaurants, bars, classy shops, a cinema, an SAQ (liquor store), fancy hotels, and spas. That’s why we came here – after the crappy hike to Mont-Ham a couple of weeks ago I decided to treat Lissette to a 3 hour spa session (Amerispa, in the Fairmont Hotel). While she was in there I went up the mountain and took a hike.

Below are some of the pictures I took from the summit (compare this the the winter pictures I took of the place a few years ago during ski season:


The intention was to take the Summits trail (Sentier des Sommets) from the peak of Mont-Tremblant (I took the ski lift up) to Pic Johansen. Only problem is that I got lost around the summit of Mont Johansen; ended up going down the mountain (which I found strange anyway, being that I thought I was heading towards a “peak” duh). Came accross a map and had to double back up the mountain a different way…long story short I never saw Pic Johansen. BUT I did hike about 5 km in that direction (and back) and, although a nice walk through the forest, I can’t recommend it for it’s views (again, you’re in the middle of the forest and its rare that you actually get to a clearing with some views). For those who really like views, I recommend just staying around the summit of Mont-Tremblant, the views are much more impressive (and you don’t really have to walk much).


(the above: I was suprised by how lush the top of the mountain was. Lots of moss on the trails, kind of reminded me of the West Coast. The 2nd picture above is from Pic Pangman, the nicest view I saw on the Summits Trail).


I mentioned the pros of Mont-Tremblant village above. The negatives: tons of people, everything is expensive, lots of kids and the village gets VERY loud at night (kids getting drunk and running around yelling). Lissette and I both agreed that we much prefer any of the places we visit in the Eastern Townships to those in the Laurentiennes; in general the Laurentiennes attract tourists and rich locals (a lot of Mercedez and BMWS…). It was fun to be able to park the car and have the spa/hike/supper/hotel all accessible in one spot – but we were pretty happy to escape the crowds and the overall chi-chi ness of Mont-Tremblant the next day.

A hike in Mont-Tremblant park that I would recommend (we did this one last year and just a few weeks earlier – you can tell by the colour of the trees) :

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