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The below are blogs that I find most informative/useful. I try to stay away from generic or overly monetized blogs – like me, these are people who have a passion for travel and who like to document their adventures either for themselves or for others.

One of my favorite blogs. Young Canadian couple who’ve travelled everywhere it seems, great photos – she’s put a lot of effort in this blog and I get inspired to travel reading it:

Another very good blog, similar to the above. Hasn’t updated since the end of 2010 but there are a lot of useful archives:

This guy makes me laugh. He enjoys a good time and wanders through SE Asia (with a focus on Thailand) making ends meet by teaching English and Mathematics. Impressively quick grasp of languages. He’s a mess though;

This blogger is an inspiration – quit his job for “slow travel” and volunteering, often living in little villages. More than just travel.

I’m new to this guy’s blog – it’s not a blog per se, he’s monetized aspects of it. But it is a very good source of information, especially the “destinations guides” section of the blog:

A bit like the above. Good source of info, nice photos:

How some people live and make money overseas:

For business inspiration/ideas (this one is commercial but there’s a lot of free good stuff too):

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