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Atlanta, etc.

Car has made it to Georgia! Didn’t spend the night in my car after all, ended up spending the night in a hotel in Montgomery. I’m now in Atlanta using the public express internet terminal at the library, and a growing mob of people want access to my computer, the pressure is on!

* 7 lanes of traffic in Atlanta plus construction and every other street is called “Peachtree Street,” with other designations that follow it like “NE, Road, SE, Avenue, Drive, NW,” and blah blah blah. Streets normally change their names so it is pretty difficult navigating through the city.

* The south sure does love its chicken…everything from KFC, Popeye’s, Church’s, Chic-Fil-A and Hartt’s Chicken buffet. I’ll have to try one of them out soon.

* Mike gave me a suggestion for Krystal’s, similar to White Castle…okay brother, I’ve seen the Krystal and I’ll go for it next time I’m hungry!

* Congrats to Eric who made the All-Star team for our basketball league. We didn’t make the playoffs, but considering this was our first year playing as a team, props to my teammates for having a great camraderie and playing as friends…can’t wait to get back to play some hoops!

* Don’t know when I’ll have a chance to upload my pics, I tried unsuccessfully to use the library in West Point, GA–but their tiny library was closed.

* My time is up on my computer, that’s all for now!


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