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Hello Friends and welcome to my blog!

Wednesday, November 30th, 2005

Welcome to my personal travelblog, which will detail my road trip journey across the States in my $500 beater car. Some of you have entered into the Honda Death Pool, in which you have pre-selected the state where my car will finally meet its destined demise and fall apart. If you guess the state correctly, you’ll share in a pot of $40 amongst the other contestants that have also picked the state. However, if the car successfully makes it all the way to New Jersey, I keep the money (which helps defray the cost of keeping me well fed and my car full of gas).

Here are some wonderful pics of the cool, hip & stylin’ CAR…would you dare drive it cross country?? Don’t lie, I know you would! (click on the pic to enlarge and see all the fine details!)

The 1988 Honda Accord LXI

This car is perfect!

Here are the roadtrip stats:

Travel from:

Portland to Eugene
Eugene to San Francisco
San Francisco to Las Vegas
Las Vegas to Phoenix
Phoenix to Tucson
Tucson to El Paso
El Paso to Dallas
Dallas to Austin/San Antonio
San Antonio to Houston
Houston to New Orleans
New Orleans to Montgomery
Montgomery to Atlanta
Atlanta to Charlotte
Charlotte to the Outer Banks, NC
Outer Banks to Richmond
Richmond to Baltimore
Baltimore to Colonia, NJ, where I will spend Christmas with my brother

I’ll be taking the Amtrak back home to Portland, via New York’s Penn Station through Chicago along the Empire Builder. I’ll be gone for almost 4 weeks. That is, IF, my car can make it all 5,350 miles.

The total pot to split is $44.

Below are the percentage breakdowns, by state, on where most people have predicted where my car will break down:

Oregon: 3%
California: 9%
Nevada: 9 %
Arizona: 16%
New Mexico: 4%
Texas: 18%
Lousiana: 5%
Mississippi: 10%
Alabama: 11%
Georgia: 11%
South Carolina: 0%
North Carolina: 0%
Maryland: 0%
Delaware/New Jersey: 2%