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December 2007 update

I’m back with the school district, now on my 2-week winter break, contemplating my travel adventure plans for 2008.  Suggestions?….


2 responses to “December 2007 update”

  1. Yo, Edwin! Got your Christmas letter – we LOVE the fill-in-the-blanks and the mule (or was that a donkey?). Do you give training courses on creative form-letter generation? (-: Our only beef is that you have not included a return address, rendering it impossible for us to send you our personalized reply complete with money-saving coupons and nail clippings. (Those are for the luck dragon.)

    So, do you give out your mailing address, or is the Vulcan Space Needle merely an experimental venue? Do write and let us know!

  2. Scott says:

    I suggest a cruise to someplace fun. They are usually a good idea for lots of different people. And if you get the chance, why not invite some friends along to join you. It could make the outing all that much more memorable for everyone!

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