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Halfway Point plus +++

More useless stats and other passing thoughts…

* Most expensive gas: $2.49 per gallon, California.
* Cheapest: $2.15, Alabama.
* Best mileage: 35 miles per gallon
* Worst: 24 miles per galloon

* I really can’t thank the inventor of the automobile cruise control enough. On my drive from El Paso to Carlsbad Caverns, I lost the ability of cruise control. Stepping on the gas for 3 hours straight made me really appreciate the virtues of automatic cruising.

* Although I still have doubts about my car’s ability to make it another week, my main concern now is the weather. Just a few days ago Atlanta had ice and sleet in some sections of the city, and similar storm systems are enjoying a stay in Virginia, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. It is pretty cold outside with that windchill!

* Things I miss from Portland
– my daily fruit smoothies (with my one children’s vitamin tablet!)
– playing basketball and ruling the courts with my lightning quick hops, money Jumper, and of course posterizing my unfortunate opponent with a triple reverse sommersault left handed dunk (sorry you were the last victim, Chris).
– Lost. And the Amazing Race.
– serving all my clients at my job. Okay, actually, I DON’T miss that!!!
– WWE Smackdown and Raw is War. John and Marcus are cool, if you can smell what the Rock is cookin’
– Pacific Standard Time
– Catching a flick at the local cineplex (NOT Regal Cinemas)


3 responses to “Halfway Point plus +++”

  1. Smackdown! Armageddon is on right now. I decided not to buy it because watching a WWE Pay Per View isn’t right without you, man. I’d tell you to come home, soon, but today, the snow and freezing rain came down. Roads are so slick as we speak, Mayor Tom Potter has already addressed the public telling everyone if they don’t HAVE TO get out, stay home. And if you have to go out, take the bus. I’ll tell you, I’m glad I made it home when I did. I drove for four hours through the bad traffic and even worse drivers out there. I DID however make it to church this morning and prayed for not only your safety but a successful trip. So keep on truckin’, ya hear?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hello Edwin! You make vacationing seem so easy and relaxing! I’ve never been to the South, so I’ll have to live vicariously through your experiences. Have you chatted with any of the locals?

  3. Anonymous says:

    From Amy

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