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I’m in Mobile, Alabama, pronounced Mo-beel. I don’t have a place to stay for tonight, so it’s either sleeping in my car or spending some money for a hotel, hopefully one with some internet access. I don’t have a laptop, so my best bet is to inquire about those with a business center…so if I don’t update this blog tonight, then you’ll know I spent the night in my lovely car!

Quick useless stats before my public library internet connection is lost….

* My car has put on 4000 miles since Portland and has another 2000 to go.

* The burning oil smell is really more pronounced and at times I can smell it in my car cabin.

* I’ve been keeping an eye out on my tires….in Dallas, I put air in all four, as they were all underinflated.

* The roads through Louisiana and Alabama are poorly maintained and my car jerks around on uneven road, sometimes it feels like I might lose control even though I’m at a steady 70 mph. The roads are that bad.

* I promised myself that if I ate fast food, I wouldn’t go to the same place twice. So, here is your fast food count: McDonald’s, Carl’s Jr., Whataburger, In-N-Out, Hot Dog on a Stick, Del Taco, Taco Cabana and Jack in the Box—twice. In a moment of weakness, I did go to Jack in the Box a second time because I was craving an Oreo milkshake. So, I confess, I have no self-control and the milkshake got the better of me. But man it was soooo gooood!!

* Lots of ‘Waffle House’ restaurants all through Texas, Louisiana and Alabama. Yep, had to eat breakfast there once. Not bad. Later I was told from a friend of my Houston hostess that locals refer to it as the “Awful House.”

* Texas road signs: “Watch for ICE on the bridges.” “Don’t Mess with Texas.”

* There are also a lot of Luby’s restaurants off the Interstate in Texas. Didn’t eat there. But I learned that it’s a cafeteria style place where a bunch of old people eat–must be those senior discounts.

* I’m interested in finding a Whitecastle. Gotta try those famous sliders.

* New Orleans deserves its own entry…definitely eye-opening. Much of the city is in ruins, deserted, abandoned and ghostly…however, there are signs of recovery, albeit slow and gradual. Hopefully I’ll have more time later.

* And that’s it for now. Tomorrow I arrive into Atlanta and I’ll be on Eastern Standard Time…


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  1. Mike says:

    Go to Krystal. It is like the southern brother to White Castle. They are big in the south and I loved them. They have the tiny hamburgers like WC. Try and compare them for me. One guy ate, back in my day, 23 of them.

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