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Lazin On A Sunday Afternoon

Grand Canyon 2

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The past couple of days have been full of surprises.

Yesterday we drove through Flagstaff Arizona. My mental picture (courtesy of the Rolling Stones) was a small dusty town with a single petrol pump and the dustball rolling through the streets. The reality was a sprawling metropolis, the outskirts protected by trees and hills. It was also the first time we actually travelled on Route 66 – yeah! The clue to this was in the fact that everything from gas stations to motels and restaurants is suddely calle “Route 66” something or other.

Sedona, just south of Flagstaff had been recommended to us and the drive did not disappoint. Not only were the roads windey and excellent fun to drive (almost wish I was in an RV!) but it was like discovering a mini Grand Canyon. We stopped at an apple festival – complete with cowboy band, quilters and hillbilly corn stalls. It was an excellent opportunity for people watching. Oak Creek is stunning and we spent the afternoon sitting by the creek watching people jum off the cliffs into the lagoon, scary but mesmerising.

Sedona Cliff Jumping   Sedona View 1

Today was the big trip to The Grand Canyon. We stayed overnight in WIlliams so the drive there was just under an hour. Again the road went through pine forests and the lay of the land was quite flat. I found myself wondering if it was all some big hype as I thought I would see desert and large mounds (Yep just like in Airwolf and Thelma & Louise).

We parked the car – still nothing really to see – and followed the signs to walk to the trail. OMG……..I was speechless – the thing is huge and runs so deep and as far as the eye can see from left to right. Nothing can explain how it really is when the ground just seems to disappear right from under your feet – spectacular. If you ever get a chance you have to come and experience it. We “hiked” all along the South Rim – the path goes right along the edge so there are plenty of opportunities to get killed if the mood takes you. Josh took the role of photographer as it was quite scary at times. I say “hiked” as I have discovered that this is the American term for a walk over 100ft. What better place to have a picnic and spend a Sunday afternoon – am lovin it.

People do strange things to get a good photo – this guy was doing all kinds of strange acrobatics, the drop either side was massive.

Grand Canyon 8 

I also learnt a good trick today – this photo was taken with my sunglasses over the lens – in replacement of a polarising filter but it gives the photo a much more detailed look – just thought I would share!

Without              With

Grand Canyon 4 Grand Canyon Polarised View

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