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Las Vegas Baby!

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Wednesday October 10th

Everything is bigger and better in Las Vegas It is the strangest, quirkiest, most kitschiest town I have ever seen and I love it! From the huge mega-resorts on The Strip to the sheer diversity of people it’s a town for everyone. You could walk down the street dressed as Austin Powers – no-one would look twice and you would be right at home. We drove in over the Hoover Dam – what a start!

We managed to get a good deal at Circus Circus on The Strip and it’s great staying in the middle of the action and for more than a couple of days. We have spent our time sight seeing, playing mini golf, people watching and being generally lazy around the pool. The weather is fab and the shorts have come out again – at this rate my tan will change from light blue to pale yellow…………

Las Vegas 082You cannot really describe Vegas – as they say what goes on in Vegas stays in Vegas. We have taken a long stroll from the Las Vegas sign back down to our resort. Each hotel’s theme has been taken to the extreme so we have been to New York, where I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge again, Venice, Paris, Paradise, Treasure Island, Egypt, Medieval England and ancient Rome all in the space of a few miles. We went in all of them to have a look around and experience the different atmospheres. The rollercoaster that goes outside of New York New York was too much of a temptation and I had to ride it – the kids chickened out. Wow – it was flying through the night air – amazing.

 Las Vegas 054  Las Vegas 013  Las Vegas 014 

Everything is set up for you to part with your money so it has been tricky trying to stick to a budget. Long gone are the days of the free buffets and even the internet charges are extortionate here. There are a lot of free things that we have enjoyed…………..

1. Lazing by the pool
2. Watching everyone on the casinos – everyone is stuck to their machine and everyone looks miserable
3. Catch the Sirens show outside Treasure Island. Josh enjoyed it as it seemed to be women pirates gyrating to music with not many clothes on!
4. Just people watch on The Strip – I have seen enough toupees and polyester to last me a lifetime. The silicone on show is also something to behold.
5. Walk along the canals in Venice – catching the singing gondoliers underneath
6. Admire the stunning fountains set to music and light at The Bellagio – so cool
7. Watch the circus acts in Circus Circus – contortionists, trapeze and rope artists – who needs tickets for Cirque Du Soleil!

Apparently you can also learn how to fire a machine gun at The Gun Shop and try on some serious show girl wigs at the store but haven’t found that one yet.

All this and I still have not gambled a cent…………….

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  1. Catherine Whitehead says:

    Hi y’all … glad to hear you are enjoying Las Vegas! I loved it last time I went 10 years ago, and it is always changing! Lisa, do you remember Dad always talking about Whiskey Pete’s?? And I’m sure Circus Circus was mentioned too!

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