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Las Vegas 2

Ghost Town Calico

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OK – so it’s been a while since I wrote anything but hey we have been relaxing and calming down a bit. So, an overview……….

Vegas – fab fab fab. Everyone has a sense of humour – proved by the homeless guy who had a sign ” Father killed by Ninja’s – need a dollar for karate lessons”. It got my vote. Everything they say is true about it – tacky, over the top, exits in the casinos are a nightmare to find- is completely true but you can’t help loving the wackiness all the same. We were all sad to leave.

The journey out took us right into the desert and a traffic jam. I know in the middle of nowhere but I guess there are not that many roads around. Saw a mini cooper with the number plate UK LIMO – again the humour.

We stayed over in Barstow, halfway between Vegas (see how I say it like a local now) and LA. Calico came as a welcome distraction ( It’s a ghost mining town set up just like in the olden days. Everything is wood and creaks in the wind, any bang and you think an old gunslinger has just arrived at the local saloon. The guy at the gate let us in for free so either we looked really stressed and he didn’t fancy a fight or the old accent did it again.

Dinner was at Peggy Sue’s – a fab 50’s diner with loads of memoribilia. It had puzzles on the table to keep the kids occupied and Josh was happy when some real live cheerleaders walked in!



LA next stop……………

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