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Close Encounters Of The Husky Kind


Sand Dunes 3
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October 4th – Thursday

Was up far too late on the laptop trying to sort out the Maui segment – flights were on special for $19! We also had to get up early to vacate the lodge – result was very tired today.

We started off back at the Great Sand Dunes Park and decided to take a hike up to the dunes. We were one of the first ones there so it was fun to look at all the animal tracks from the night – hoof marks and big paws too. Crossing the sand to get to the dunes took ages and the flats are misleading.

After we made it there was the defacing of a national monument to be done – we wrote messages in the sand followed by the stupid photo poses. We ran down the dunes only to remember I was supposed to be collecting sands from all over the world for my collection, so it was straight back up again. I had also forgotten the collection bags so I scooped a handful, by the time we got back to the car not much was left!


The UFO Watchtower was our next stop. ( Unfortunately as it is off season it is only open weekends but it did not stop us from having our own encounter. ………….
As we drove up a huge grey husky came bounding over to the car and tried to get in the window. I think he was starved of human contact. We tried to escape slowly but he followed us all the way back to the main road and we just couldn’t bear that. The kids had to get out and get him to follow them up the dirt track and distract him – we finally managed to escape without being stalked!

The scenery has changed again. The colours of Autumn have arrived here. The roads went up to about 11,000 ft and we passed some amazing looking ski resorts – bit sad with no snow but worth another visit one day. As they say what goes up must come down so driving down the mountain was excellent. You are stunned by the scenery and as soon as you turn the corner there is another stunning view. The valley view was the best – we stopped off for the photo opportunity and the chipmunks came out in force – the kids are fascinated by them.

Saw another eagle today – a brown speckled one just sitting on top of a wooden post by the side of the road and yes we were sure it was an eagle as we had just seen the picture in the visitor centre.

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  1. Stuart Howard says:

    Hi Lisa,

    Been checking in with your blog and as I’m sure you’ve heard far too many times over there “Awesome”!!!

    Looks and sounds really fantastic!! Am VERY jealous!!!


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