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April 15, 2005

The End

Of course, it's not the end, merely the beginning in looking for a job, finding a place to live and doing all sorts of grown-up things like pay bills and get a mortgage, but from now on, my feet are no longer smelly, the sandals and boots stored away for the next adventure.

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip. I sure enjoyed writing about it.

happy travels,

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Day 189: London baby!

We dragged our bags to the bus stop and didn't have to wait long. As we came to HK when it was dark, it was interesting to see the views and I was struck again by how Hong Kong is the penultimate capitalist icon.

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Day 188: Museums

On our last day, we went to the Museum of Art, which has great views of Victoria Harbour and some good works, though it wasn't the best museum we'd ever done.

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Day 187: MTR

We were planning to go to the Ngo Ping monastery today, but when we got out of the MTR (mass transit rail) it was raining and very grey and we weren't really prepared, so we headed back... The MTR is very clean, organised and efficient, though I can imagine human traffic jams occur in the morning and evening.

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Day 186: Kowloon Park

We had a late breakfast at Oliver's which seems to have become our regular spot. We went on the internet and had a look at the bookshop next door, which stocked quite a lot of English language books.

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Day 185: Peak tram

We sort of pottered about in the morning, neither of us ready to face the day and get into sightseeing mode. After nearly seven months of travel, the spark has gone out a bit and both of us are now quite looking forward to going home.

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Day 184: Central and Admiralty

We headed out for some breakfast, finding a place called Oliver's Super Sandwiches, which has nice toasties and fresh juice. I was having some difficulties with the Hong Kong English of the girl but then, my Cantonese is pretty appalling too.

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April 11, 2005

Day 183: Fly away

The final leg of our Round the World adventure kicked off by taking a shuttle to the airport. We checked in with what seemed like a blonde Russian lady who had serious problems with the basics of the English language.

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Day 182: last day in Kiwiland

We didn't do too much noteworthy today, just had a nice lunch, spent some time on the internet and saw 'Assault on Precinct 13' at the cinema, which was pretty good.

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Day 181: Auckland

We drove to the airport, stopping briefly at a petrol station to make Dougie more presentable, and dropped him off at the Avis office.

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