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slowed to a stop

started by Rach, who is sick in bed, and Rob, who finished it off
Yangshuo, China

Some days we slow down, sometimes coming to a complete standstill. Today, was such a day; stopped for the Mama, but only slow for the children.

Kboy10 was heard muttering to himself, “Science cannot prove anything” as he checked his hypothesis about size of aeroplane and length of time being airborne.

Meanwhile, Jgirl14 got on with some Latin and a “typing back-n-forth conversation” with Grandpa……

….the other girls turned a blue towel into a doll for a few hours….

….Mboy6 played soccer with the rattan ball on the balcony (which doubles as a Chinese laundry – literally)….

….then all the boys disappeared into our other room….

….when the rummy tournament was over Jboy13 was dispatched to take photos of our current abode. Built into the side of one of the mountains it comes with its own natural cave and enough stairs to delight a mountain goat.

We appreciate having the space to put the brakes on even though we wanted to be bike riding, and with the mountain views out the window we would happily do it again, although it would be nice if we are all healthy enough to get outside tomorrow.

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  1. The Eds says:

    Hope everyone, especially Mama, is feeling 100% again…… fun being sick. Wonderful to see those beautiful minds content with being ‘at home’ for a day and being ‘best friends’ with it…… many wouldn’t! J14……what Latin are you doing, something formal or not? And I love that blue doll…..must show it to A4! Love Rx

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