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August 23, 2004

Advice for the Nomad

When you tell people you're taking a trip around the world, their response often involves advice--some tidbit learned from their own travels. I think the most useful advice (more of a warning, really) I've received so far (which I discounted at the time) has led to my figuring out I have plantar fasciitis--before I've even left on my trip--and buying some quality insoles to wear on the road.

My going away party was on Saturday, and it was tons of fun (pictures to come soon). Thanks to everyone who spent the afternoon or night with me--or both! As part of the evite for the afternoon potluck in the park and the evening out at my favorite bar, my roommates encouraged guests to submit their own advice for my trip. I thought I'd post some of it here for posterity.

--Learn to squat!
--Don't just visit -- live it!
--Play it by ear
--Speak lots of Spanish, even if you're embarassed, take acidophilus tablets before every meal (naturally helps maintain equilibirum in your tummy), and go scuba diving!
--Take lots of photos...
--Say yes to all offers of food
--Always have tissues with you at all times
--Take ear plugs
--Trust yourself

Any other sage words for the soon-to-be nomad?

Posted by Amy on August 23, 2004 02:29 PM
Category: Pre-Departure Thoughts

Something I learned - wear a skirt whenever practical, as it makes using dirty toilets easier. I had enough of rolling my trouser legs up in the gas stations of Mexico... And I always take an outfit I feel half decent in, so you can have a nice night out when you need a pick me up.

Posted by: Emily on August 24, 2004 03:26 AM

Admit when you're lost, especially if it's getting dark. There's nothing like wandering around a foreign (and sometimes dangerous) city in the waining hours of daylight. Better find someone who can help before you're in real trouble.

Great idea for a post by the way - I may track it back to my site. I'll let you know when it's done so you can stop by (I posted on the boots and RTW group about it) -

Best of luck on your trip, I can't wait to start reading of your adventures!

Posted by: Dan on August 27, 2004 01:51 PM

This may seem like odd advice, since your trip has been planned for so long and will take months to complete...however, I know how things can race by.

Just remember to enjoy the moment and savor the experience...

Posted by: Dad on August 30, 2004 10:07 AM

Advice from an anonymous reader...

(1) definitely carry a roll of toilet paper with you once you hit the road. it's probably the absolute worst thing to be stuck without when you really need it. not the hippest of advice, but it's definitely served me well over the years.

(2) before you leave (it's hard to find in Latin America) - consider buying a travel size bottle of anti-bacterial cleanser - it weighs very little and there definitely will be times when you'll be dying to wash your hands and have nothing but spit.

(3) reading material - books are great both to have and to trade but heavy, magazines are easier to leave behind but sometimes get tiresome.

Posted by: Amy on September 2, 2004 10:07 AM
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