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August 13, 2005

Moving to the East Coast

One minor car accident involving an aggressive pastry truck driver, two fights with random people, too many hours in the "Disneyland for Adults" aka IKEA, one encounter with a feisty murphy bed, one trip to the hospital and a couple X-rays later, and I am finally in DC.

Yes, I am a California Girl, and always will be, but I have to say, it is beautiful out here. Everything looks old, and not old as in rotting and shanty old, but dignified and distinguished old. And the landscape is so green and lush, which is probably due to the insufferable humidity that soaks you the moment you step out of you air-conditioned sanctuary. But it does make things look quite nice.

I walked to my new school yesterday to buy the book for my summer math camp; you see, I'm trying to be responsible and get my mind back into math before the class actually starts, since the most cerebral-activity I've had in the last year can be attributed to Lonely Planet's writings on Thai beaches. I walked around campus, and still couldn't believe a school that looks like this admitted a person like me.

I start monday. Here's to hoping I remember what a differential equation is before then!

Posted by alex91127 on August 13, 2005 11:49 AM
Category: Graduate School

So how goes the first day O classes, youngin'?

Intimidated? Confident? Sweating bullets? Arrogant to the point of written tuna-swagger?

It's certainly too soon to tell how it will go, but you can get a lot of impressions from your classmates in the first week. Pretty important, IF your professors grade on a curve....a lot less important, but still so, if your professor takes on the ludicrous scale of giving out a certain # of A's, A-'s, B+'s, etc per semester.

Posted by: Tuna on August 15, 2005 05:08 PM
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