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Confessions of a Food-aholic

My first night in San Francisco I was treated to a great meal at an authentic German restaurant. My last two days in San Francisco were an action-packed, food-filled adventure. My friend and I went bar hopping on Thursday night, eating the whole way. We went to a corner bar called Solstice, and I originally went there to try the Bloody Mary, but bar was packed and the bartender suggested the Raspberry Mojito (I normally don’t go for fruity drinks, but these were really good!) We had sweet potato fries to eat, and if you’ve never had these I recommend you try them. The atmosphere and service at Solstice were tops. After a quick stop at the Rye bar we headed to the Ferry Building and had spring rolls and drinks at The Slanted Door. Next was the Clift Hotel, a swanky upscale bar that was way too pretentious and overpriced. We finished the night off at a little hole-in-the-wall Mexican joint where I had fish tacos and a cheese and mushroom quesadilla. Mmm, Mmm, Good! Friday morning we went for a run up to the top of Randall Museum, up Masonic St above Height-Ashbury. The Randall Museum is a great little park with a 360-degree view of San Francisco. It’s been really great hanging out in San Francisco again; I had forgotten what a great city it is. After the run, we went and had breakfast at the Squat & Gobble on Height St. Normally I’d go to The Pork Store, but this was a good choice. One of their featured dishes was seasoned chicken strips atop mashed potatoes and finished off with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. It was quite possibly one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had.


After breakfast, I finished off my tour of SF with a quick jaunt to the beach and then a trip to the Palace of Fine Arts. It’s billed as an exploratory museum, with a sort of science fair thing going on. But the real draw was the architecture. (You can see the dome of the palace in my picture from the top of the Lyon Street stairs in the previous post.)

 Eventually it was time to pack my bags and head to the airport. I got to the airport about 2 hours before my flight, and got checked in and through security in only 20 minutes. After finding my gate, I headed straight to the deli for one last bite. Airport food is always touch and go, but I managed to get a made-to-order Roast Beef and Swiss on Sourdough. This is a great way to travel… one calorie at a time.

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One Response to “Confessions of a Food-aholic”

  1. Anna ;) Says:

    Hey Timmer –
    I’m so glad to hear you made it over safely and it sounds like you have been super busy already and also doing some great work as well. Just so you know, after our little drinking and eating frenzie through San Fran I went on a crash diet and have lost 5 pounds since I dropped you off at the airport, thank God! Reading your last entry has made me really realize what an amazing thing you have decided to do for yourself. Im so sorry to hear about the robbery, that is so horrible! I hope things stay safe from here on out and I can’t wait to read more about what you have been doing and seeing. Take care of yourself and fill us in as much as possible. Miss you!