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Screeech, Crash, Bang!

Apparently the BootsnAll server crashed recently, and several of my recent entries were lost. I’ve reposted them, but unfortunately the pictures aren’t there anymore. Instead of re-uploading the pics, I’m just going to refer you to my photo site.

I’m woefully behind on uploading pics, and have hundreds more from the overland trip. I’ll get them up as soon as I can.



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One Response to “Screeech, Crash, Bang!”

  1. Laura Says:

    glad to see you are still alive and kickin and didn’t fall off the face of the planet.

    we moved into the new office a couple of weeks ago. last week was my first week since I was on vacation the week prior. love the new place – so much quieter!!!

  2. The Kuhl's Says:

    Just wanted you to know that Rog just completed his first marathon (First race for that matter!). We just arrived back from the Rose City moments ago. He would be proud to tell you that he did it in 4:42. Not bad for a guy about to turn 40 in January! We are proud of him. When are you coming home o wandering one???
    Miss ya
    The Kuhl’s

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