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Jung-do Park, Chuncheon

Jung-do is an island in the lake on the west side of Chuncheon. There are a couple of restaurants, and there’s cabins for rent. The south end is wooded, farther north there’s a maintained lawn.

We stayed in one of the cabins. They run about 50,000 won a night. Ours had a kitchen with utensils, bath, refrigerator, TV, Korean-style sleeping arrangements, a picnic table outside. You want to cook, you need to bring food from the mainland, though.

Access to the island is by ferry. They run every half hour in the warmer season.

Here’s a trail that runs around the south side of the island:

Jong-do trail

Looking south across the water:

South from Jung-do

There’s some big spiders on this island. I don’t think they are very poisonous:

Spider in Jung-do

Some copies of ancient grass houses cluster together between the cabins and the dock:

Straw houses

This view looks west from Jung-do:

West from Jung-do

Finally, you can look east and see Chuncheon across the lake:

Chuncheon from Jung-do

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  1. justin lynch says:

    Thanks, further whets my appetite to get “up cuntry” in Korea.

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