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Gyeongpo Provincial Park, Kangwon-do

Gyeongpo Provincial Park is in Gangneung City, Gangwon-do. It lies along the coast and includes Gyeongpo Lake. Its area is 9.471 square kms and it was established on June 26, 1982. I visited this park on November 9-10, 2005.

Gyeongpo Lake is 4.35 kms. in circumference. Here’s the lake looking south from the walking trail along the west shore:
Kyeongpo Lake

A chain of statues along the trail tell a traditional story:

statue, Kyeongpo Lake

In the other direction, between the lake and the beach, you’ll see the resort area:

Resort area and Kyeongpo Lake

In the resort area is this very modern public rest room:

toilet, Kyeongpo

This pavilion, Gyeongpodae, is on the east side of the lake. Gyeongpodae was first built in 1326 and rebuilt in 1508. Here’s a view of the elaborate eaves of its paljak roof. This pavillion has been designated as Regional Cultural Asset No. 6.

temple roof, Kyeongpo

Ojukheon is a compound which had been home to a leading Confucian scholar, Yulgok. It’s now maintained by the government. Here’s one of the buildings:

House, Ojukheon

Some smaller photos from Ojukheon. Click on them to enlarge:

Wall, Ojukheon . Tree trunks, Ojukheon

Jangseung, Ojukheon . Plain Buddha

These two pillars are copies of ones at Gulsansa, in the west of Gangneung-shi. The original is on the right.

Gulsansa copy, Ojukheon . Two rocks, Gulsansa

Former Ojukheon resident Yulgok is the man featured on the 5,000-won note. Ojukheon is pictured on the other side.

5000 won note, Ojukheon

This happy turtle is one of many Ojukheon sculptures:

Happy turtle, Ojukheon

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