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Chiaksan National Park – Guryeongsa

In October I just stopped by overnight on my way elsewhere – hadn’t been here before but autumn sounded like a good time to visit. From Wonju took a local bus to Guryeongsa on the north side of the park. The temple is a bit of a walk from road’s end, up a valley with trees like this:

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Along the trail was this turtle, with a smile like a cartoon character from “The Simpsons” or “South Park.” Nearer the temple the path was lined with poems like the one below.

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A view of Guryreongsa; a painting of a tiger from the side of a temple building.

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Here’s a few more little photos. Click on these individually to enlarge them.

Branch and leaves, Chiaksan

. . .

**** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****

Got back down to the road close to dark. There were some minbak (inns) there but they all seemed not to be taking guests. A couple of the owners conferred between themselves, then called a minbak farther down the mountain. Its owner came and got me. This minbak was pretty large, with two storeys of rooms. I was the only one staying there. Cost: 20,000 won ($19.38 by the current exchange rate).


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