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Geumosan Prov. Park, Gumi, Gyeongsang buk-do

The park is just a short taxi or bus ride from downtown Gumi. There’s a tourist village with dozens of restaurants – that’s just above a lake where one can rent duck boats. Above the tourist village, the road leads to a parking lot for the cable car. Here one pays 600 won (about 60 cents U.S.) for adult admission. A short walk up to the cable car, and from here or from the upper terminus, trails continue on up to the summit. Geumo Mountain is 976.6 meters high. Besides its natural features, the park also features several temples. One, Haeunsa, is just a short walk from the upper cable car terminus. Most of these photos were taken in January; a couple in the Spring.

Looking up to Geumo Mountain ( 금오산 ) from the bottom

Geumosan from below

The trail from the parking lot winds up through the forest.

leaves, Geumosan Park

This dorky-looking jangseung ( 장승 ) is just below the lower cable car terminal:


This cable car (one of two) is sliding into the lower terminus:

Cable car and smileys

Cable car ( 꼐이블까 ) climbing up the slope

Cablecar, Geumosan

Part of Haeunsa ( 해운사 ) temple

The muscian and the soldier were painted onto the entry gate to Haeunsa.

musician, Haeunsa . Soldier, Haeunsa

These lanterns were photographed in the Spring, during the Buddha’s Birthday season


Old and new statues at Haeunsa


Large buddha


Daehye waterfall ( 대혜폭포 ), here frozen in winter, is a short distance up from the temple

Waterfall, Geumosan

Down at the bottom again, we find a turtle fountain.

Turtle, Geumosan

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3 responses to “Geumosan Prov. Park, Gumi, Gyeongsang buk-do”

  1. RICK KANE says:

    Does this park or nearby area have cabins you can rent?

  2. RICK KANE says:

    Also are pets (dog) allowed in the park.

  3. admin says:

    Hi, Rick,

    I’m not aware of any cabins in wooded areas here – though I haven’t been on the south side. But you can stay at the tourist village just north of the park gate. There are several minbak and such there – if there’s anything fancier, well, I wasn’t looking for it so don’t remember. I wasn’t too impressed with the place we stayed in, and normally when visiting Gumi we stayed in one of the many yeogwans in the area between the bus station and the train station.

    Don’t know about dogs – maybe someone else can add a comment on that…


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