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I’m trying really hard…

…to ignore the fact that I seem to have LOST my very precious stamp-filled PASSPORT!

During five months of European roaming, she never strayed, not even once. We were excellent traveling companions. But sometime soon after we returned home TOGETHER in July, she ducked off somewhere and has yet to return. Either she slipped behind a piece of furniture to chill for awhile, or she set out on an adventure all her own, without saying goodbye.

(Maybe she ran off with one of those fine looking border patrol guards in Sturovo, Gyekenyes or Koprivnica.)

The awful truth is that I think I accidentally THREW HER OUT.

I refuse to believe it and hope that she will resurface someday, somewhere in this house. But eventually I’ll have to admit that she, and all her colorful stamps, may be gone for good. Better that she ran off now, I know, as opposed to when we were traveling abroad.

But a big bummer nonetheless.

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3 Responses to “I’m trying really hard…”

  1. Sister-in-Law Says:

    I feel your pain. I once did the same thing, I think when I moved from one apartment to another. The passport I lost had everything from when I lived in Thailand (both times) – Bangladesh, Cambodia, India, Malaysia, and then other random stuff too. I was so upset. So I recommend wallowing in the sadness for a while but the good news is you’ll get over it, and by the time you do you will have a new passport full of stamps!

    I’m going to bed.

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  3. Francesca Says:

    Oh Kel, I am so sorry! I would be mortified, too. You may not recover your lost passport but thankfully you still have tons of awesome memories from your trip 🙂

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