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I’ll update my bio in October 2006. In the meantime, you can learn a little about me here and review a collection of links to my writing:

From Written Road:

Travels in Europe Series (September 2006)

Book Reviews:

Stalking the Wild Dik-Dik (September 30, 2006)

Belonging (July 21, 2005)

Avoiding Prison and Other Noble Travel Goals (May 20, 2005)

Educating Alice (April 30, 2005)

80 Dates Around the World (April 22, 2005)

From Gadling:

Portland Series (December 2006)

New York Series (October 2005)

Jersey Shore Series (September 2005)

One for the Road Series (Created October 2005)

All Posts (August 2005 – January 2006) [500th Post Roundup]

From BootsnAll:

Eurail Blog European Travels (January – July 2006)

Viva Las Vegas Blog (now called Las Vegas Louge):Vegas Books and Things to Do in Las Vegas (November 2005 – January 2006)

Coverage of Stories & Mentions Elsewhere: Gridskipper, Bookstore Tourism, BlogHer, Hotel Chatter and World Hum (photo credit)

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4 Responses to “About Me”

  1. randy rohrig Says:

    Happy Day! Other than at times being lost in place,I am a seeker and a Grand Canyon river guide. I love yer little blog and wish you the best in your experience of life, Sincerly, randy Jerome,arizona

  2. Tracey Says:

    Just checked out your page Kelly. I hope you enjoy your trip! I’ll pray that you enjoy your trip. Keep in touch!

  3. Posted from United States United States
  4. Anika Says:

    Hi Kelly,
    I really like your blog! I’m so envious of your travel plans…can’t wait to read about them. Anyway, I’m one of the “Anglos” on your trip to Englishtown. Have a great trip and I’ll see you in Spain.

  5. Posted from United States United States
  6. Brent Beare Says:

    Hi Kelly,This is a voice from the past,amazed at what iv’e seen on this website.If theres a way to get in touch on the phone please e-mail.