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Today’s News: I Talk to Mongol; I Set Up A New Blog; And, The Adoption Process Begins


 I’ve been working on a brand new blog!…sorry, everyone..I’ve been a bad blogger lately.. Frankly, I have been very busy and also have been spending alot of time creating a new blog.

The reasons for this are many, mostly that this is supposed to cover only travel and has become a platform for all of my various interests and so forth since my trip. I’ve known I needed to create a new blog for quite a quite, and so finally this past week began the time consuming process of making a beautiful, readable, intersting blog which will cover alot of other topics other than travel.

So while this blog will continue on and focus exclusively on travel only, the new blog will focus on alot of other stuff: charity work in Panama and India; the Daya Dan orphanage in Calcutta; Religion and Vocation; Social Justice; that sort of thing. If you don’t want to read about those things, then I would suggest sticking with this blog only and read about crazy travel adventures!

I’ll be linking the blogs together sometime during this week, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

This blog will continue on and focus exclusively on travel journals from my trip; my travels in the coming few years in India ( for example: Dec this year, June next year); and Panama/Columbia (the trip next summer).


As far as Daya Dan news, you’ll need to go to the new blog to get that information. At the moment there are about 140 of you reading who volunteered there in the past–and I’ve recieved so much positive encouragement from writing about the kids and so on. But there will be a section in the new blog that will be exclusively about Daya Dan.

I was able to talk to Mongol (the boy whose sister died recently) at length, and I think he is doing alright. It is alot for him to take in in that environment, but I think Sisters are supporting him very well.


And for the BIGGEST news of all:  When I called the Daya Dan orphanage a few days ago, Sister Paula Marie was on her way to taking Mitune(the boy I want to adopt) to Social Services where he was to get a full physical…the new head superior approved me adopting him..these two things are HUGE and now we move into the full on let’s try to go for it!! phase of things. I talked to them about how long we thought it would take and we thought about 3 1/2 years. So, everyone, I’m starting a whole new life as of this very week! There is alot to do and organize and classes to take and so on…I feel a little crazy sometimes! This and working two jobs and getting one’s “house in order” etc.  Ther eis so much to do I must break it down into daily increments or it’s just too much to think about all at once.

Here at home, some people are for it ( I thank you all for believing in me and for your support!); others vocally protest ; while still others are obviously silent (you know who you are.) The find myself gravitating to those who support it(naturally) and avoiding those who don’t understand it . I’ve become tired of explaining the circumstances and the why and how, and now simply say, “I’m going for it.” It’s a faith thing. I just have faith it will work out the way it will, and I accept the outcome. Meanwhile, I’m going to love that boy like mad.

Thinking back (and actually reading back!to those first journal entries on this blog), I have to say that I don’t know who I am anymore. Or maybe I know who I am for the first time in my life. There is no stretching to have an identity, there is no adapting to other’s expectations: for the first time in my life, I am wholly myself. If someone would have told me this trip would lead down this path of trying to adopt a child from India, I would’ve laughed (rather nervously, I might add!) at the statement.

Someone asked me the other day, who was leaving this week to travel extensively RTW, what the biggest blessing and the biggest challenge will be.

I told her:

“You’ll change alot-or at least, you’ll have plenty of opportunity to. If there’s some part of yourself that has been unexpressed, you see it come into full expression. That’s the biggest blessing. That’s also the biggest challenge. Your mind will feel big, expansive,’ll see yourself and your possibilities in a whole new light. The challenge is that so much change is difficult for others to accept sometimes. But if you really embrace your experiences, you will bloom: either by reinventing yourself or emphasizing some part of your character which before was weak.

And the word “No” won’t be part of your vocabulary. Everything will be possible. You’ll feel confident and free enought to follow your dreams–not someone else’s!

How proud I was to say these words to my young friend, all of twenty, taking off to go around the world. How happy I am that she is going to devote that trip to doing volunteer work. How happy I am that she began reading this blog years ago at the start of my own journey and it inspired her to go on a similiar journey! She begins her trip in Guatemala, working for the same organzation I worked for and will be there two months.

Here’s to you, Diana. Good luck on your journey!

 Back on the home front, my latest adventure is that I’ve joined a support group of like minded folks who are either adopting similiar children(with developmental disabilities of some kind) or have already. Hearing their stories really helps and helps prepare me for what is to come.

How happy and amazing life is, how blessed I am, how incredible is this?! I am following a dream I didn’t even know I had two years ago.

That’s all for now. The next time I post  here, not only will this blog have a whole new look, but there will be another blog you can link onto as well that talks about all this non travel stuff!

On to the next adventure.

” I took the road less traveled, and that has made all the difference.”-Richard Bach



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