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Photos? Where Are They?

Ok, folks. There are no photos on this blog-and sorry to say, no new photos on the flickr site, either.

My memory in my camera isn´t compatible with the computers here.  So, please be patient and wait until I get home in a few weeks-when I promise to spend much time getting all the photos on to flickr, putting the best ones on the blog(including the past entries), and revamping the blog.

Thanks for waiting. The photos should be up by the start of May-all 3,000 of them.



6 responses to “Photos? Where Are They?”

  1. Jo says:

    Hi again Gigi

    Let me know your plan for building that bridge….how much are you trying to raise? I could maybe help fundraise from some of the gringo community here in Panama – would you be able to write a v short briefing about the project? Let me know how I can help. How wide is the river? Will machinery be able to reach the place or will it require materials on horseback?

    Look forward to hearing from you


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