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Oh Happy Day: The Return of Mitune

The last time I blogged, it was about calling Daya Dan and learning that Mitune, the little boy  would like to adopt..had run away from his boarding school and was missing.

Here’s the happy update…

Mitune somehow ended up with some folks from Childline, an organization that helps children around the world. They have a three digit telephone number that any child can call at anytime to report abuse, ask for help, or whatever they need.

The sisters had already contacted Childline in the Calcutta area, but the organization is set up regionally, so since he was in another city there was no exchange of information.

He’d been with them for about a week, when they were looking at books and someone pulled a book off the bookshelf with pictures of Mother Theresa. Mitune got so excited that they finally figured out that he was one of the Missionaries of Charity kids.

He was returned on Tuesday night to Daya Dan in Calcutta.

It is being determined whether or not he will return to the school. He does not seem to like it there and he does seem very happy at Daya Dan. The sister superior will decide which place he ends up at, but from our phone conversation tonight I think he will stay at Daya Dan.

Ah, breathe. A sigh of relief. I’ve hardly slept this week, I’ve been so worried. I love that boy. The thought of him lost in the big city is..frightening. India is much different than any other place on Earth…people are desperate to make money, to live, and sometimes use children to that end(Of course, that is true all over the world..but I’ve got some pretty distinct visual memories from the streets of India and the kids being used to make money…and i don’t think I can ever forget those kids faces. )

 Thank God he is safe.

Here’s more good news: he’s got a wonderful hearing aid now and he can actually hear quite well. He can’t speak, but he can hear.

Life couldn’t get any better.

As I face all of the challenges I’ve got at home to make this happen, the world suddenly seems very intimate and small. It really could happen that he comes to live here.

When he was lost, I thought to myself, what if he never returns or is found? Then what? And I decided that if I couldn’t adopt him, I would adopt another child. And I thanked him and blessed him for allowing me to meet him and for giving me the chance to love him,.

Then to have him found…well, it’s a very, very good day today.

Thankyou for all of your prayers and good thoughts.

Tonight, celebrate with me, wherever you are in the world.


PS. Look up Childline..they are all over the world. I read about them in a book about social entrepreneurship several months ago…they are designed around the model that youth have the biggest part in their organization. They began doing all of their work by using streetkids to get the word out, and now they’ve grown to billboards all over India.

In India:

In the UK:


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