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Learning Gratitude and Graciousness On The Road To Santiago

I´m a bit behind with blog entries, but in the meantime, here´s a quick one on what is on my mind today…

Just a quick entry here..on something that my Camino has given me much time to think about.

The Camino has been, so far, a revelation for me about everything in my life-from my spiritual life to dealing with having physical limitations.

However, what has been most apparent in my time on the Camino is the changes I see in myself in practicing graciousness and gratitude-both with others on the road, and with people in my own life. There is something in me, in my character, that wants things to be equally good for everyone. For life to be equally sweet, full of pleasures, love, and kindnesses.

I´ve come to realize that part of the path we are each on is partly of our own choosing. We often make poor choices and then are unhappy with the poor results. Having an attitude of graciousness and gratitude can take a poor choice and make it something lovely and something to be thankful for.

So many people in the world are truly suffering-dealing with terrible circumstances (some of which I´ve managed to witness firsthand in Central America), and yet many people complain and find fault with others about circumstances which are of their own doing, or perhaps the other person can´t help what they are doing. I do this myself, all the time. It´s a nasty habit, and sometimes it´s easier to keep our bad habits than learn a new way of doing things, which might be hard or uncomfortable. Other people hurt us, or perhaps inconvience us, but sometimes, they can´t help it.

Sometimes I wish everyone in the world would be sent to live with some truly poverty stricken people somewhere in the world for a year, and then return to their old lives. They would have their eyes wide open, and be so much more appreciative of what they have, of the people in their lives, of the mere fact that they are alive …

Being on the Camino has made this very real for me-from dealing with people complaining about the smallest of inconviences, to hearing people complain about one another, or their partner they left behind at home while they are on the Camino.

I had lunch with a woman whose boyfriend kept calling her on her cell phone while she was on the road. He called about three times during the picnic lunch alone.It was really irritating her. She then shared that he had recently recovered completely from cancer..I told her,¨ Wow, you are so lucky you get calls from him everyday. You should call him and thank him.¨

Two days later, I saw her on the road . ¨ I called him, she said. We decided I´m going home. What do you think?¨, she asked me.

¨I think it´s perfect¨, I said.

I am so thankful for those who love me, and that I have people to love. Such an opportunity for giving, for kindness, for love.

I myself am learning to practice gratitude and graciousness in some unexpected ways. I was recently robbed of all of my money (as well as my shampoo, my underwear, my bras!) in a refuge. I then tried to use my bank card and it didn´t work. I had no money for two days. They also took all of my food-granoila bars and so on-so I was hungry to boot. Luckily, a monastery let me stay for two days while I waited for money.

In the interim, I emailed a few friends, my boyfriend, my ex husband..I went off on a rant, saying how much a was disliking the Camino. About what a terrible experience I was having.

And do you know what? Almost every person replied with concern, with love, with kindness. How I am growing to appreciate you all, especially you, Jerry (my boyfriend) on this journey. I am grateful for you and all the love you send my way. Due to the flood of emails I recieved, my spirits revived, and here I am today, finding myself in love with the Camino all over again.

So, a special thankyou to each and every one of you who kept me going in spite of what turned out to be solely a few days inconvience. You are all with me on my Camino. and I am grateful to you all.

And a special thankyou to Jerry….So Jerry, this is to say, you are perfect. Perfect. Thanks for all your love.



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