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Xmas Eve Mountain Biking

We returned to the hills of Aburi after hearing about Ghana Bike Tours from our friends. We selected one of about a dozen possible rides. Each ride was charted for elevation changes, distance and time required. Our ride was 11.5 km long. It began with a steep downhill plunge – whee! Then we turned onto a singletrack trail, actually a footpath maintained by locals. We went over plenty of rocks and roots as well as a stream. Our guide pointed out some of the plants we passed – corn (called maize here), cassava and cocoa. We passed a few pedestrians who responded warmly to our greetings.

happy biker

At one point we passed a field that had been burnt to the ground. In the middle of it was a dead vulture tied by its feet, hanging upside down from a post. Our guide said it was a warning to stay away from this place. Okay.

dead vulture

It was hot, hot, hot, and we dripped with sweat as we pedaled uphill. Our guide suggested we take a break at the top.

taking a break

All in all, it was a nice ride. Next time we’ll go earlier in the morning though, to avoid the worst of the heat.

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2 Responses to “Xmas Eve Mountain Biking”

  1. dorothy Says:

    That first pic is beautiful! You look so happy and it’s so lush and green there. (It’s very gray here, you know.)

    Bit creepy re: the vulture and the burnt field. There is a story in that for sure!

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  3. Laura Says:

    Oh wow, the nature shot is soooooo pretty (I almost wrote lush and saw that Dorothy already used that verbage!!)
    I’m glad I found your blog again. 🙂

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  5. Giselle Says:

    Thanks, Dorothy and Laura! Come on over, and you can see the lush beauty in person.