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A crazy way to celebrate one’s 40th birthday

No, I don’t mean the 40th birthday of Dan or Giselle, but of Matt, a fellow American in Accra. Being a rather energetic fellow, he organized a 40-mile walk/run in Akosombo, Volta Region, to celebrate his 40th. Some invitees balked at the distance. Ten or so of them opted instead to do 40 km (approximately 24 miles). Four intrepid and incredibly fit people completed the full 40 miles.

The route followed a paved road for a short while, then turned off onto a dirt road that passed through a few small villages. It was quite pleasant for walking since there were few cars and lots of greenery. Occasionally we passed another pedestrian.


G Akosombo walk

waterhead closeup

Giselle stopped at the 9-mile mark, due to blisters and the handy presence of a support vehicle. This was also the site of a village where the children enthusiastically greeted the visitors.

village kids

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