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New Year’s Eve Eve in Ada Foah

We returned to Ada Foah, the place where we went sailing a while back, on Dec. 29 and 30. We stayed in a house with 2 friends. The house has a little covered deck jutting over the water. Sitting out there was delightful, thanks to the gentle breeze and peaceful surroundings. Here’s what the view looked like:

view from deck

In the evening we met up with a Fulbright scholar who is studying the leatherback and olive ridley turtles that nest on the beach here. He and his wife led us on a nighttime beach walk. Every night they take such a walk and record any turtle nesting activity they observe. In the previous few weeks they had seen more and more turtles each night, so they were sure we’d see a bunch. After 3 hours of walking we saw a few nests but zero turtles. Maybe next time.

The next day we returned to the beach. There’s a fishing village there.

village on beach

What a beautiful setting, if you don’t look too closely and can’t see the trash scattered about.

village closer up

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