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Happy Hannukah

On Tuesday a container with all of our household effects arrived in our compound. The truck carrying the container could not maneuver the last turn, so the movers had to offload the contents into a smaller van, then drive the van over to our house.

Getting the motorcycle out was the biggest challenge.

motorcycle removal

Fortunately, the guy in charge was savvy enough to figure out a way.

Now that it’s all in the house, it’s apparent that we have a lot of junk. Hard to believe all that stuff actually fit in our tiny DC apartment. We had gotten used to living without it. Now so much of it seems unnecessary.

Opening the boxes is fun, although the idea of sorting through so many of them is daunting. Things we were thrilled to find: blender, ice cream maker, teapot, new crossword book (thanks, Matt), Sudoku book (sorry, Matt), stereo, novels galore, sewing machine, electric piano, Trader Joe’s ginger granola, tools, and bike parts. Woo-hoo! It must be Hannukah or something.

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One Response to “Happy Hannukah”

  1. Antonio Says:

    It looks like you are going to have fun during the holidays riding your BMW every where.
    Have a nice holidays and may the new year bring you guys all the joyand happines, make your wishes real.
    Please take care of yourselves.

  2. Mara Says:

    Yeah, we went on vacation for a week in October and stayed in a tiny cabin (bedroom, front room, galley kitchen). I had such an urge to purge when I got home! Amazing what you accumulate, and what you can really do without.

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  4. Gatt Maffney Says:

    Damn you, sudoku! Damn you to hell!

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