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Carretera Austral, Chile or in English, the Waaayy South Highway, Chilly

austral 081_11.jpg We drove through here in March, but for those of you who have a thing against scrolling back through the blog, we have posted this out of order.  However, please scroll back through the blog to see newly added pictures.  I am looking at them and can’t believe how cool the stuff was that we saw.  Weird.
Few can deny Augusto Pinochet of Chile was a ruthless, bloody dictator; a megalomaniacal tyrant guilty of torturing and ‘disappearing’ dissenters. Somehow, while he was busy violating the human rights of Chileans, he found the energy for his government to build the Carretera Austral, a gravel road that connects the remote communities of the Chilean Patagonia.
Here’s a really tall alerce tree, once a bountiful species along the Carretera Austral, but now not so common, especially since alerce socks became all the rage in Chile. (Disclaimer: For any Chileans who may become upset by that lame attempt at humor, please, it is only a joke.)

austral 082_11.jpg

Thanks to the Carretera, previously isolated settlements now had an overland connection to outside world.  Also part of the plan was to provide access to the forests, which could assist in the economic development of the country with increased logging activity. Fortunately, there are still a few trees left and even a national park or two.

Imagen2 075_11.jpg

Parque Nacional Quelat has a ‘hanging glacier’ that drops avalanches of snow and ice off the side of the mountain. Crash!

Imagen2 098_11.jpg

Giselle is sitting with Uwe of Germany whom we met in Parque Nacional Quelat.  He has lived permanently on the road since 1991 all around the world. This would be the vehicle for doing that!  It is (for me) a jaw-dropping combination of a 4X4 on serious steroids with a vignette from the Ikea catalog inside the cargo area of the truck.  My head was spinning with plans. Our little road trip suddenly seemed like a drive to the grocery store.

Imagen2 092_11.jpg Here Giselle interacts with the local flora. Giant rhubarb for giant rhubarb pies.
austral 056_11.jpg A couple of trees were overlooked by loggers.

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