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You want orcas? We got your orcas!

These Free Willy impersonators are on the prowl for some fatty snacks on the coast of Peninsula Valdes, Argentina. The sea lion is keeping a close eye on them.

orca march 31 2006 177.jpg


orca march 31 2006 171.jpg They swim right up to the beach. Anyone care for a dip?

orca march 31 2006 170.jpg

orca march 31 2006 162.jpg 

I am not sure they showed this in the movie (no, we didn’t actually see the move and don’t have any plans to), but they will swim towards the beach and lunge onto the sand and grab a pokey sea lion for lunch if they can.

orca closeup march 31 2006 162.jpg

Unfortunately, fortunately perhaps, we didn’t see this spectacle of nature.  Score one for the sea lions.

However, Giselle did have a close encounter with another ruthless predator; the much-feared picnic-crashing armadillo.



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One Response to “You want orcas? We got your orcas!”

  1. Rob Says:

    excellent photos and scenery! I loved story comtent……….thanks, Rob