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Bui National Park

On to leg three of our Tour de Ghana. We left the Baobeng-Fiemi Monkey Sanctuary Guesthouse, stopped in Techiman for lunch, and reached Bui National Park before sunset. We camped near the river with many blackflies for company. They loved biting my hands in particular. My left hand alone had 10 itchy bites on it. The blackflies didn’t keep us from enjoying a game of cards on the dock, though.

Bui cards

We were up bright and early to go see some hippos. Our guide, Peter, led us to a spot where 13 hippos basked in the river. One of them let out quite a yawn.

hippo yawn

Every once in a while, a hippo would make an incredibly loud, scary sound, like a roar. I had never heard such a sound before. We’re not sure if they were angry or happy or just saying howdy to their friends.

The road from the river back to the park headquarters is extremely rough (Dan’s favorite kind of road).

bui rough road

On the way, we passed a village. Our guide’s kids ran out of the school to say hello to him, and soon all the other kids followed.

Bui kids

René took the opportunity to play some soccer.

Rene running

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