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The Road to Bole

Tour de Ghana, leg four: Bui to Bole on Jan. 16. Saw some calabashes for sale on the roadside. Dan got out of the car and was surrounded by kids wanting their picture taken. At first this lady wasn’t interested, but then she insisted that her picture be taken as well. Dan was not about to refuse.

calabash lady

The roads near Bui are pretty rough — washboard surfaces on unpaved, dusty roads. On our way to Bole, Jillian and David got a flat. We travelers soon became the biggest attraction around.

flat tire

Eventually we got going again. We stayed at the Cocoa Research Center, which has several locations in Ghana. (Their guesthouse has clean rooms and hot showers!) At this location they research not cocoa, but cashews and shea butter (important export products from Ghana). We toured the place and learned about cashew processing (unbelievably labor intensive — please savor every cashew you eat from now onward) and plant propagation. We also bought lots of cashews.

We visited the market in Bole, which was pleasantly free of aggressive hawkers. People didn’t seem to care much that we were there, which we quite enjoyed.

Bole market


market in north

Bole is in the Upper West region of Ghana. Village buildings typically look like this.

Upper West

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