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Baobeng-Fiemi Monkey Sanctuary

The second leg of our Tour de Ghana took us from Lake Bosumtwi to Baobeng-Fiemi Monkey Sanctuary.

Along the way we passed between the two halves of a giant tree.

driving between tree halves

We’ve seen a lot of big trees cut down or bulldozed down, sometimes due to the widening of roads and sometimes for purposes unknown to us. What a shame. [Read about our own neighborhood’s loss of several near-hundred-year-old trees on our friends’ blog.]

The villages of Baobeng and Fiema are part of the sanctuary. The monkeys are sacred to the people here.
girl in doorway

mona monkeys and babies

The sanctuary is home to 2 species of monkey: mona monkeys and black-and-white colobus monkeys. The monas spend a lot of time on the ground and come quite near people. We saw a lot of mothers and babies. The babies hold onto the mothers’ tummies as the mothers bound from ground to branch to other branch.

mona monkey

Looking for colobus monkeys, who tend to stay high up in the trees, we explored the sanctuary’s trails. We saw many, but too high up to get good photos.

Saw some beautiful trees, including mahogany, kapok, dahome, and ficus. This huge ficus once encompassed another tree, upon which the ficus was a parasite.  Now the other tree has died, and the ficus trunk has a space in the middle big enough for a person to stand in.

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