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Photos: Vysoke Tatry

The hike. You know what I’m talking about….

Snow. Wow, hey look, there’s some snow. Man, I hope we get to see some more later.view image

The Path Ahead. Walking up a valley between two huge mountain ranges. Cool.view image

Well, dang. So, that first thin layer of snow in the forest, yeah, that started to get a little deeper.view image

A Little Later. Shit. What the hell were we getting ourselves into? You can see the path on the far right of the picture. view image

Almost there. Never, ever, did we expect to end up somehwere like this. Friggin’ amazing. Just to the left of my right arm you can see the chalet where we stayed. view image

Our place. The very cold looking chalet. view image

Our other place. The toilets, looking not quite as cold the next morning. But trust me, they were cold. And smelly. view image

Sunset. I’d always wanted to be above the clouds, and the hike to get up there was all worth it for the sunset. view image

Sunrise. But 12 hours later, the sun came back up, and man, that was so much better. view image

The Abominable Snowman. Just in case you forgot how ugly a red beard can be. The pink light of the early morning sun doesn’t help much, but hey, it was 6.45am, and minus 2 degrees, c’mon. view image

Big Load. And I thought we were doing it hard, check this guy out. Also note his hiking poles and protective sock thingies… hey, maybe we were doing it tough view image

The Way Home. I had to stop every few minutes to remember to admire the view. view image

And that, folks, is that.

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