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Photos: Vang Vieng

Geez, I’m on fire with these entries. Gotta make the most of having days with nothing to do and cheap internet. So, here’s some pics from Vang Vieng. None of the snake though, unfortunately, you just have to trust me that it actually happened. C’mon, a two and half foot long snake, that’s nothing, if I was making it up, I would’ve made it at least 6, and it probably would’ve breathed fire too, and said something about the new Harry Potter book.

Vang Vieng. The view across the river from Vang Vieng. Not a bad spot to spend a couple of days. view image

We’re riding where? Riding through the Laos countryside, past huge limestone mountains, on our way to a cave with a reclining Buddha statue. view image

Ahhh, this is where we were going. The huge cave with the reclining Buddha statue. Worth the arse pounding on the bike. view image

AH! My Eyes!. Swimming in the lagoon outside the cave. The blue water was filled with fish. Before jumping in, I’d asked the sole other guy there if he knew what they were. “Piranha,” he offered. Oh, and uh, yeah, I’ve got my shirt off in this one, so you may want to shield your eyes, and tell all young children to leave the room. view image

Beats payin’. On our way to the Buddha cave, we had been charged a buck or two each to cross another bamboo bridge across a creek. After paying, we saw some locals in a tractor simply drive through the creek, which was lucky to reach halfway up your calf. So on the way back, there was no way we were paying again. view image

Is this thing safe?. Crossing one of a few bamboo bridges in Vang Vieng, this one lead to an island with a cool, relaxed bar and bamboo huts by the water. view image

Life’s Tough. The view from our riverside bamboo hut, where we lazed about on our last afternoon in Vang Vieng, watching kids run around laughing, and drunken, sunburnt tubers stumbling out of the water. view image

On the way to the snake. Crossing back over the bamboo bridge, destined for an encounter with a snake. view image

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One Response to “Photos: Vang Vieng”

  1. Sara Says:

    Hey there crazy people! Loving your entries so far keep up the good work! My sister and I are going to cycle in laos in about two weeks… where did you stay in Vang Vien? somewhere recommendable? I love your photos what camera are you using?
    Look forward to reading what you are up to next.


  2. Posted from New Zealand New Zealand
  3. admin Says:

    Hey ya Sara,

    Cyclin’ huh? Are you crazy? Is your sister forcing you to do it? Because those hills between Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng, they’re not for the faint of heart.

    Nah, you’ll have an awesome time, as you’ll be able to stop in the little villages on the way, instead of seeing them as a blur from a bus.

    In Vang Vieng, we didn’t stay anywhere special. I think it was called, um, shit, I can’t remember. Vang S….. something guesthouse, built in the Greco-Laos style (don’t worry, that’ll make sense when you get there). It was ok, but there’s heaps of places, you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding somewhere decent.

    As for the photos, we’re just using a Canon Powershot A85. Nothing too advanced. Glad you like the pics. Although it is a little scary that the first comment I’ve had on our photos was after putting up one of me with my shirt off. Are you sure you’re not crazy?

  4. Posted from Cambodia Cambodia
  5. Bec Says:

    Dave with your shirt off! You might put Sara off reading your entries at all. 😉 He he, I think you look very dashing.

  6. Posted from Cambodia Cambodia

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