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Photos: Slovenia

Righto, I’ve put a couple of sweet photos up on our Flickr website (link on the right somewhere). And for your own entertainment I’ve put some of the not so sweet ones up here for you to check out. No need to thank me…

Basketball Buddy. Me and my new mate Borut, who filled me in on all the stars of the Slovenian basketball team.view image

Podhom. This is the deserted farming village we walked through on the way form Bled to the Vintgar Gorge.view image

There’s a couple of the gorge itself on Flickr….

Lake Bled. Being put to work rowing out to the island on Lake Bled. Man, that year of rowing in 1996 sure came in handy.view image

The Lucky Bell. Bec, having a whale of a time ringing the bell in the cathedral on the island on Lake Bled. It is said your wish when ringing the bell will be granted. Here’s hoping…..view image

The Dodgy Cable Car. This is how we cheated our way half way up Mount Vogel, before hiking the last 2 hours.view image

I’ve got to climb that?!?. This is one of the ridges we had to scale. If you look closely, you’ll see a little guy in red about half way up, wihch should give you some sense of scale.view image

A real hiker. Check out those hiking boots. Only the best for me. view image

The Coolest Guy In The World!. I just got a quick snap of my mate in, but you have to look closely. And yes, that is a suit jacket he’s wearing. About five minutes after this he overtook us down the mountain. view image

Hey hey, look, it worked.

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