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Photos: Sarajevo

Ok, so I planned to have photo entries here on this website, but to save time, will most likely be hosting them only on Flickr. There’s a link to mine and Bec’s site in the panel on the right, or you can find them right here. You can see pics from Croatia and Sarajevo there now, and hopefully some from the Piltvice Lakes soon

But, as a final photo entry, I’ve got a couple of extras from Sarajevo here.

So, without further ado, from one of the most captivating cities in the world, comes this series of mediocre photos. Lap it up people, it’s the best I could do.

Mostar to Sarajevo. This shot is typical of the view out the window of the bus bewteen Mostar and Sarajevo. Bosnia – a breathtakingly beautiful country. Who knew?. view image

Bosnian Parliament. The sunset filtering through the burnt out and abandoned old Bosnain Parliament building. Well, it was when I was looking at it, not sure if the phot shows it that well.view image

Sarajevo Surrounded. This poster shows how Sarajevo was surrounded for almost four years by Serbian troops. view image

Slivovic, man. These two photos I include almost solely for the puropse of my older brother back home, who is a mad keen Blackburn Rovers fan. Kirk, the English guy we went to the cricket with, was kind enough to give me a t-shirt before I left, here’s me showing it off whilst knocking back some slivovic.
view image 1
view image 2

Grapes, courtesy of The Big Boss. I have to include an arty farty shot. Sorry. Feel free to punch me in the arm when you next see me. view image

Seranading The Big Boss. That’s Dan, master guitarist, singing for The Big Boss. Bec on backing vocals there too. view image

The Big Boss. Before we left, we had to get a photo. Just check out where The Big Boss’ left hand is heading. Something tells me that normally, The Big Boss gets what The Big Boss wants. Not this day though, my friends. Not this day. view image

So be sure to check out our flickr site. I’ll do my best to leave a comment on here whenever I upload photos, so you know when to look. Now, back to work.

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  1. Mark Hogan Says:

    Ahh mate, you’ve done well. Wear the Rose with pride my friend, wear it with pride!

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