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Photos: Make Poverty History and the G8 Protests

I won’t post a lot of photos of the Make Poverty History march on July 2nd, but if your appetite for seeing people in white holding placards isn’t satisfied here, then check out my mate Trickey’s photos from the day at FlickR

And unfortunately during the protests on July 4th, my digital camera ran out of batteries, and I only had one roll of film in my old school camera, so I didn’t get quite as many shots as I would have liked. But here’s a few pics, none of which include me, so you can at least be grateful for that.

Make Poverty History March

Balloons. Everyone loves balloons. (Except some people. Some people don’t like balloons.)
view image

Conquering the march. It takes all types to Make Poverty History. view image

The March. Despite everyone wearing white, to form the white wristband around Edinburgh, there was still plenty of colour in the day. view image

Family Day. There were plenty of kids along for the demonstration, which was great to see.
view image

Make Overty History. This was taken whilst we waited for an hour and a half with thousands of others to actually get onto the march route. view image

And now, onto The G8 Protests (or, if you like, The Carnival for Full Enjoyment)


The Photographer. Much like the march on Saturday, the protests on Monday featured a lot of people taking photos of police officers. Or in this case, people taking photos of people taking photos of police officers. view image

Yellow Riot Police. The police would form and hold a line across the street for a while, and then without any prompting or antagonising from the crowd, they would then start to march forward, clearing the street and causing confrontations.
view image

Riot Police. view image

Blue Riot Police. These guys meant business. view image

Mayhem. A bit of a brouhaha going on ‘ere. Notice in the bottom right the cops dragging away the bench seat. These seats were being used as big battering rams by some of the crowd. view image

Edinburgh Castle. Just your normal touristy shot of the Castle, then. view image

The Naked Guy. There’s always one. Actually, I’d noticed this guy earlier on in the day, fully clothed at that stage, walking through the crowd reading absolute gibberish from a sheet of paper to no-one in particular. A bit of a nutbag. view image

Horsies. Plenty of mounted police about. And notice the riot police in the background. view image

The Chicken (I think). I’m telling ya, nothing says “Up Socialism!” quite like dressing as a chicken (I think. What the hell else could she be? Anyone?) view image

Send in the Clowns. There were about 20 of these clowns, all dancing around early on, trying to hug policemen, and all speaking in ridiculously high clown voices. This was before any of the violence started, hence a few more smiles amongst the crowd. view image

The Anarchists. Dick Heads. That’s all I’ve got to say about that. view image

Police Vans. I’ve never seen so many police officers in my life. view image

Actually, that turned out to be quite a few didn’t it. Sorry ’bout that. There’s plenty more though if you want ’em. No? Fair enough.

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