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Photos: Ireland

Here’s a few snaps from our weekend in Ireland, at the Hogan family reunion. I’ve tried to avoid having endless photos of me with cousins that I’d just met, unless they share my name, in which case they’re guaranteed a guernsey.

Dave and Dave. This is me out the front of the Kilfenora Post Office, which has been in the Hogan family for many, many, many generations. With me is David Hogan. I tell ya, it’s exactly like looking into a mirror. Almost. view image

Brothers in Arms. My older brother’s name is Mark Hogan. This is me with Mark Hogan. This ain’t my brother. Freaky, huh? view image

The Cliffs of Moher. Ain’t she a cutie! Despite being out in the drizzle, and the visibility being fairly low, the Cliffs were great. view image

Ahhhh, Guinness. The first of many…. view image

Waltzing Matilda. I don’t think I should even sing in the shower, let alone in front of a bunch of people I’ve only just met. Please insert your own joke about drummers and a lack of musical ability here. view image

Like Looking into a Mirror. This is me with Stuart, who kindly offered Bec and I a place to stay on the Sunday night. Of course, he did so at about 3am, after a truckload of pints, while his wife Trish, and their two young kids slept up in their hotel room. Luckily they all turned out to be great people. Can you tell we’re related? view image

Sefl Portrait. This is Stuart and Trish’s 2 year old son Adam. We gave him a look at our digital camera, then spent the next 20 minutes trying to get it back off him before he put it in his mouth and swallowed. He did manage to take a few alright snaps, including this brilliant self portrait. view image

Australia vs. Ireland. Here’s a few photos that don’t really show a lot about the reunion itself, but I’ve included them because I reckon Bec takes a damn fine photo. I’m sure you’ll agree…
playing pool 1
playing pool 2
playing pool 3

Roight then, back to work….

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