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Photos: Cesky Krumlov

Photos from Cesky Krumlov. If any of these are bad, then I give up, cause surely it’s impossible to take a bad photo in such a place as this.

Krumlov. Ok, here’s a couple of shots of Krumlov, to give you an idea of what it looks like.view image 1
view image 2
view image 3

Snowy Krumlov. And here’s one more, but with just a little bit more white stuff.view image

Mmmmm. Snow tastes good, man.view image

The girls. Hanging out at the hostel with Sarah, Emily, and Bec.view image

On the road. Driving through the snowy Czech countryside, during our day trip with the girls.view image

Snow. Stopping for a pose on the way from our car to the hauntingly deserted town.view image

Hmmm, where to eat? On our first road trip with the girls, this is the abandoned building in which we ate our lunch. Pretty classy, huh.view image

Inside. And this is the inside. See, I know how to treat the girls to a nice lunch. From the left you’ve got Bec, Mel with her back turned, Sarah, and Emily.view image

Album cover. So, if Bec ever records an album, this is the cover shot, taken at the lake we stopped at. Check out the snow on the sand.view image

Goons. Hired Goons. Here’s a better shot of Mel and Sarah. A couple of classy chicks, indeed.view image

Take that. Bec and Emily, pounding the pedestrians way down below with snow balls. Hey, someone’s gotta defend the castle.view image 1
view image 2

Now, for some reason the next two photos aren’t working as links, so I’m putting them here in the post.

Here’s Bec and Emily getting wonderfully warm hotdogs in the freezing town square in Trebon.

And this beauty is the gothic looking castle hidden in the snowy forest just outside of trebon.

Pub gang. Here’s a random shot of some of the people from the hostel, hanging out at a local bar, but I sort of like the shot, so you must look at it. You can just see Bec on the left, too.view image

That might do it then I reckon, but there’s also a few more pics up on Flickr if you want to check it out, right here.

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2 Responses to “Photos: Cesky Krumlov”

  1. Gina Says:

    Hey Blue and Bec,
    I’ve been back in Oz for almost a month now and still feels weird waking up and not having to scramble out of a tent or opening a fridge full of food -creature comforts (that weren’t really missed). Had a night at Mark and Melita’s last week which was great! Now that I’ve got regular access to internet again (unlike my time Africa) I am loving catching up with your travel news. You’re doing a bloody good job to record everything and keeps me laughing. Brings back lots of memories of places I visited. Top work buddy and I’ll look forward to the next installments. In the meantime you’ve got plenty for me to read up on 🙂 Cheers, Gina

  2. Posted from Australia Australia
  3. admin Says:

    Hi ya Gina,

    Glad to hear your travels in Africa went well, can´t wait to hear stories when we eventually catch up again. I don´t think we have the balls to go to Africa. Literally, in Bec´s case.

    Hope the Hogan Christmas goes well, I´m sure gonna miss it.


  4. Posted from Germany Germany

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